Dive services

My combination of extensive diving, sailing, marketing and corporate experience allows me to offer a wide range of diving and related services to guests and diving operations.

Dive training 

As a renewed PADI member and instructor in teaching status I can conduct all the PADI core dive experiences and courses, from Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) to Divemaster. Of course I do not forget the young diving enthousiasts with the PADI Bubblemaker and Seal team programs!
Next to the core courses I can also teach various specialties, including the popular ones such as Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) and Deep Diver.

My courses are based on creating an educational and fun experience for students. I am very invested in creating truly good, safe and independent divers, and helping students overcome any obstacles they might encounter during the course. Whether this is an Open Water student getting to grips with the basics, or a Divemaster encountering the challenges of becoming a dive professional. Therefore I prefer to teach in smaller groups and with a flexible time schedule, allowing me to accelerate or add more time to the training following the need of each class and student.

I am also experienced in teaching in remote and challenging locations, finding suitable dive sites, arranging logistics, and co-ordinating my course planning with the overall dive or ship operation.

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Dive guiding

In guiding certified divers or snorkelers, I have two priorities: 1) ensuring the dives are conducted in a safe manner, 2) that my guests not only have a great dive, but a fantastic holiday experience.

Most of achieving these priorities happens out of the water. By welcoming guests to the shop or boat, a friendly chat to establish a friendly relationship and get a feel for experience levels and possible issues, and by challenging and helping to increase skill levels – for example setting up own equipment.
During the dive itself I keep an eye out for safety, demonstrate and encourage environmentally good behaviour, and point our the interesting features and life of the dive site.

Care and attention for your guests of course continues before, between and after dives. Being a good host is a core competence for any diving professional; my guest reviews demonstrate that I create an excellent vacation experience.

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As in any business, running an office is crucial to create successful results . My corporate background and computer skills make me proficient in this part of a dive or marine operation.

By taking care of guest communication, bookings, social media, website work, marketing efforts, staff management, accounting, and more, I contribute to a smooth and successful operation. Manning the office of course also means taking care of walk-in guests, filling tanks or maintenance jobs.

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An expedition into unknown and remote areas is one of the greatest adventures one can have. It also comes with unique challenges. I bring the experience and skills to meet these challenges and make your sailing and diving expedition a succes.

My knowledge has been gained as dive instructor and core crew member on an expedition vessel exploring the remote South Pacific islands.
Some examples of expedition support could be: researching local highlights and creating an bespoke itinerary; contacting local suppliers, transport, guides; facilitating excursions; diving unexplored reefs in a safe manner; act as expedition vessel crew.

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Working as crew on a yacht or diving liveaboard  is an intense but rewarding occupation, requiring hard work, good hospitality, experience at sea and the ability to take on many responsibilities. Having covered over 7,000 miles at sea I am qualified and experienced to join your ship as crew.

I am a valuable crew member as I can take on many responsibilities to ensure smooth running of the ship. Next to my role as Dive Instructor I can add my experience as Cruise Director, managing the itinerary and engaging with onboard guests. This includes the Sales & Marketing activities of the ship, such as social media and website updates, and online communication with interested or booked guests. Other crew responsibilities I can offer are acting as interim First Mate, Officer of the Watch and tender/skiff driver (experienced with 50 hp outboard rigid tender).
As crew qualifications I carry ENG1 medical, STCW2010 Basic Training and Ship Security Awareness Training and Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (SSAT-SDSD).