Hoàn Kiếm Lake Old Quarter Hanoi Vietnam
I've fallen in love with Hanoi in Vietnam! Read about my too short two days of wandering around the Old Quarter, eating and drinking in great places, picking up some history and meeting the friendliest people.

Hot Hanoi

Vietnam itinerary communication travel Travel Tips
Make your Vietnam visit easy with my Vietnam Travel Tips. Use my experience to get the latest Information about itineraries, getting around, how to get a visa, and how to get online!

Vietnam Travel Tips

Pantai Sindhu eating drinking Sanur
After 1,5 months living in Sanur I've discovered a few favourite spots for a nice meal and an ice-cold Bintang beer. Let me show you where you can usually find me!

Best restaurants & bars in Sanur, Bali

H3 logbook Seabear H3 review
When my old dive computer needed replacement, I wanted a compact computer suitable for recreational, technical and freediving. The Seabear H3 offers all that but has room for improvement. Read my extensive review.

Seabear H3 dive computer review

Amed Bali Indonesia tec diving sidemount Two Fish Divers
While visting friends and diving in Amed (Bali) Two Fish DIvers provided us with the opportunity for a tec diving gear tryout. As somebody with big interest in diving gear and curious to getting into tec I gladly took up the offer. I was reunited with Sidemount and introduced to a Twinset and had a great afternoon.

Tec diving gear tryout

The coastline of Amed in Bali is now a stretch of small villages dedicated to diving. I just came back from a quick visit to finally do a long overdue first dive with long-time friends.

Diving Amed

Want to know all about mobile internet on Bali? Read this guide and for as little as 5 Euro / 5,5 USD you will have 4 Gb of high speed 4G internet for a month!

Mobile internet in Bali