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Menno has had the travel bug ever since spending his childhood in the tropics. In 2013 he left his office career and is now diving and sailing the world. He enjoys sharing the beautiful underwater world and exploring remote islands. He gets his kicks when he can help fellow travelers have an amazing life-changing experience.

When I looked back at 2017 last year I concluded I enjoyed this first stable year after a few years of vagabonding. 2018 continued that with me working and living in Grand Cayman for another year. I would say it was a year that felt almost like my days of […]

Looking back at… 2018

Hoàn Kiếm Lake Old Quarter Hanoi Vietnam
I've fallen in love with Hanoi in Vietnam! Read about my too short two days of wandering around the Old Quarter, eating and drinking in great places, picking up some history and meeting the friendliest people.

Hot Hanoi