Dive & Crew Services

Dive & Crew Services

Scuba instructor in Bonaire


The goal of my courses is creating safe, knowledgeable and independent divers in a fun learning atmosphere. To achieve this I challenge and help students, and stimulate critical thinking.

Some of my dive instructor credentials:

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (330542).
  • In teaching status and insured.
  • Specialties include Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) and Deep Diver.
  • 150 student counts up to Divemaster.

I am experienced in teaching in remote and challenging locations. For example finding suitable training dive sites, arranging logistics, and co-ordinating my courses with overall operations.

“He was an excellent instructor: always supportive and patient, even when a skill took a long time to achieve; always encouraging and as pleased about our successes as we were (if not more!); very invested in teaching well and helping his students get the most out of not just the course, but the experience of diving.”

Sidemount divers Grand Cayman


As a dive guide you can make the difference in the vacation experience of your diving guests. Guest reviews demonstrate my strong track record in delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

My dive trips are conducted in a safe and time-efficient manner. But I also ensure that care and attention for my guests continues before, between and after dives.

My strengths as guide include:

  • Certified Technical diver, Rebreather diver, and Freediver.
  • Exploration diving.
  • Experienced as top-side tour guide.
  • Creating a good rapport with guests.

“Our dive master, Menno, was the best part of the entire experience! He not only knew the best sites and had tips for every site, but was also incredibly knowledgeable about the island itself, it’s history with incredible stories, and ideas to make our vacation the best.”


To operate a successful dive business it is important that you enjoy the ‘business’ part too. Having both extensive corporate and dive management experience my skills include:

  • Marketing – including Social Media and website content.
  • Operational management.
  • Working with various sales channels.
  • Reservations & scheduling.
  • Front office.
  • Invoicing.
  • Managing partners – for example accommodations, transfers, rental car agencies.

“Menno was so hospitable on the phone, discussing options and great to work with.

Open Wate course in PNG atoll


An expedition into unknown and remote areas is one of the greatest adventures one can have. It also comes with unique challenges. I bring the experience and skills to make your expedition a success.

My knowledge has been gained as crew on an expedition sailing vessel exploring the remote South Pacific islands.

Some examples of my expedition support:

  • Researching local highlights.
  • Creating and marketing a bespoke itinerary.
  • Managing local suppliers, transport, guides.
  • Facilitating excursions.
  • Diving unexplored reefs in a safe manner.
  • Expedition vessel crew.

“he was always very organized, knowledgeable and responsible when it came to diving…basically all the things you want from a dive master when you are diving new locations all the time.”

Dive tender in Malapascua


Working as crew on a yacht or diving liveaboard  is an intense but rewarding occupation. Requiring hard work, good hospitality, experience at sea, tolerance, and the ability to take on many varied responsibilities. With over 7,000 miles at sea I am a qualified and experienced crew member.

My experience & qualifications includes:

  • Cruise Director – managing itinerary and engaging with guests.
  • Sales & Marketing – Bookings, Social Media and website content.
  • Dive Operations Manager.
  • Officer of the Watch.
  • Tender driver.
  • ENG1 , STCW2010 and SSAT-SDSD.
  • EU passport and US B1/B2 visa.

“He came on board with us and fitted in so well he stayed on the ship far longer than me. He turned out to be an amazing dive instructor and shipmate.”