My first blog!

The beautiful island of Bali is called by many a place to re-invent yourself. That is certainly true finding your way around the guesthouses, coffeeshops and markets. You meet many people leaving something behind and starting out something new (or trying to figure out what to start!). Makes for quite an energetic and motivational atmosphere.

It was one of the reasons for me to camp down here after deciding to leave the epic adventure that was staying a year on the sailing vessel Infinity. But to be honest, as a pragmatic engineering educated guy there were more practical reasons to move here. You can find good affordable quality long-term accommodation here, living here is cheap, facilities such as fast internet, flights and shops and services are readily available. All good stuff for a transitional phase in life.

Therefore both from a emotional and practical view a good place to be now. So what am I up to here? Well basically trying to figure out a longer term idea for my life. Looking back on 10 years in an corporate office environment and 3 years diving and travelling the world I’m distilling those experiences into my path for the coming years. At the same time the realities of life have to be tackled. Living in Bali is cheap but I can’t live forever from the bank account. And more important, I want to be doing again what I love: sharing my love of exploring and diving with others. So right now I’m looking for a nice diving and sailing opportunity too.

Also I’m spending way too much time on setting up my website. Although my geeky side is enjoying it, and I relish the challenge of learning something new. More on that later!



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