Starting a website

Seeing that you are reading this, you probably have noticed I started a blog/website. It was something I wanted to do for a while, but never got around to… (blame not so great internet in South Pacific.)

Why I started this:
– Having beers with friend telling my adventures of the last few years, I’ve been told so many times to write it down. So well, here it is!
– My non Facebook family and friends want to keep updated of what I’m up to.
– Sharing tips, skills or other knowledge with interested readers.
– A place to showcase my professional experience for potential clients or employers.
– Just wanting to learn how to make a website.

Continuing the last point, I’m still on a pretty steep learning curve. So expect some things to not work, layouts to change and much more. For instance I found out it is better to decide on your domain name before you arrange your hosting and e-mail addresses…
Luckily here in Bali I’m not in the worst environment to sit behind the laptop learning. My little apartment has good internet, a nice breezy balcony to work on and a fridge to keep the Bintang cool. And if I want a change of scenery enough coffeeshops nearby to settle down for a good cappucino.

Starting my first website


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